Why Choose Hay Cubes for Feed?

Alfalfa hay cubes make excellent feed for horses, cattle, or sheep.  Here’s why:

  • Less Loss than Loose Hay — While baled or chopped hay results in a large amount of loss, hay cubes result in minimal feed loss.
  • Good Source of Roughage and Protein — The hay grown in Fremont County is high in protein without the need for additives.  Coupled with fair pasture, most stock will winter quite well with 30% to 40% less feed.
  • Easy to Handle — The use of hay cubes allows for quick feeding with little manual labor.  Rather than handling small bales manually or requiring specialized equipment for large bales, hay cubes are easy to distribute.  Cubes weigh approximately 30 to 40 lbs. per cubic foot.
  • Cost Effective — Given the reduced labor required for handling hay cubes and the reduced loss, feeding alfalfa hay cubes makes economic sense.  Dollar for dollar, feeding alfalfa cubes is a very cost-effective forage feed.
Wyoming Hay Cubes

Wyoming Hay Cubes

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