Brief History

Located in central Wyoming (north of Riverton in Fremont County), Wyoming Hay Cubes has been producing high quality alfalfa cubes for nearly 30 years. Beginning in the early 70s with John Deere field cubers, the third generation family operation has been supplying feed to farmers and ranchers in the region for well over a quarter century. In 1997, the operation purchased a stationary cuber resulting in even higher quality alfalfa cubes.

About the Operation

  • We are situated in one of the top 50 alfalfa producing counties in the United States.
  • It is an ideal area for growing alfalfa hay.
  • Since annual precipitation is less than 10 inches per year, the operation produces dry hay with no mold.
  • Water is consistently available because the farm is located on an irrigation project supplied from the Wind River drainage.
  • With the dry summer conditions and ample irrigation water, harvesting can generally be achieved under dry conditions resulting in top quality alfalfa.

Hay cube. The operation grows high quality alfalfa, bales the hay, then converts the bales into cubes. The hay is harvested using a big baler producing 4' x 4' x 8' bales. These bales are then used to feed a stationary cuber which processes the hay into small cubes. The stationary cuber grinds the hay, applies a small amount of water, then compresses the hay into small cubes (about 1 inches square).

Commitment to Customers

The top priorities for Wyoming Hay Cubes are taking care of the farm and taking care of customers. Continually improving the farm and operation is a matter of pride. Constantly upgrading irrigation systems and harvesting equipment helps the operation remain competitive. The key priority for Wyoming Hay Cubes, however, is developing customer loyalty by delivering top-quality hay cubes. Our goal is for customers to be so happy with our product that they come back year after year. We approach production, pricing, and delivery with this primary goal in mind.

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